Technoprom: people who help putting new ideas into practice (VIDEO)

The Technoprom Forum is not only about experts and new ideas but also about people who help to bring these ideas to life. The Engineering company “Inverse” from Novosibirsk, which is involved in the development of business projects, has also taken part in the international Forum.

Technological revolution is not a one off event, but a process. It is going on in laboratories and workshops step by step and one can see the visible signs of technological breakthrough at such large forums. An idea and its realization are separated by a so-called “valley of death” where the designers experience a shortage of investments, partners and strategies. The Engineering companies are there to help in overcoming the difficulties.

Mikhail Bayandin, the Spokesman of Inverse CJSC says: “The businesses are interested in new technologies but they want off-the-shelf solutions. Being in the process of research the engineers do not often have sufficient financial, organizational or other resources needed to offer a finished product. We assist the designers on their way through the challenges and offer either a technology or a product to specific companies”.

The portfolio of the “Inverse” includes some finished products. The following items are already available on the market: thermal equipment and ultrasonic flowmeters for oil-and-gas industry, current regulators for the contemporary LED lamps and turnkey mini dairy plants. The gem of the portfolio is the project on development of a plasma-chemical technology that can dramatically speed up chemical reactions. This unique phenomenon offers a real breakthrough in several areas of development.

Daniil Zherebtsov, the General Director of “Inverse” CJSC says: “I'll give a couple of examples to explain. The first one is a part of a technological chain in electronics production, namely in polysilicon manufacturing. Another example is liquefaction of petroleum gas. This is a very acute problem at the moment, and our technology makes it possible to perform it directly in the field and with high efficiency".

At large forums innovative technologies attract interest of not only potential partners but of public authorities as well. The Forum participants believe the fact of governmental concern about technological growth to be a good sign. Technoprom helps: for example, “Inverse” is about to sign a number of contracts. For the ideas not to die but to move the national economic development forward.

Anton Luchanskiy, Vesti 24.

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