Being a manager means making predictions. The upcoming change in the technological mode in the world dictates a need for innovation as a constant scientific/technical process. The search for new approaches to doing business, its optimization and reducing expenditures has become the dominant theme of our day. The creation of a firm foundation for the process of bringing scientific research and prototype/design developments to the stage of production; this is a demand made not merely by the future, but by today.

Inversia CJSC is a Russian technological engineering company focused on identifying, managing and then commercializing breakthrough developments in the fields of electronics, microelectronics, instrumentation and industrial technologies. As a resident of a technopark located in the country’s famous scientific cluster, Akademgorodok in Novosibirsk, our company works with industrial innovations that have significant promise on the market.

The company’s basic work includes both direct engineering services involving designing the implementation of new technology for production, as well as finished products designed for the mass market. Our clients include other companies interested in the development of their own new inventions through Inversia CJSC’s technological base.

At present, companies that specialize in technological engineering are rare on the Russian market, through for current push for the modernization of the economy provides domestic engineering organizations with extensive space to operate in. Inversia CJSC is interested in working with enterprises whose missions involve stimulating the process of applying knowledge-intensive development at the engineering stage.

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